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creative photographer

Hi, I'm Delaney!

Three words to describe myself are playful, optimistic, and creative. I strive to always live authentically and with as much self-awareness as I can.  My creative practices are no different as I think staying true to your natural hand is important. One thing is for natural hand loves experimentation.

I am currently working on a long-term photo project that encourages women to seek liberation through unidealized and humorous photographs of themselves.  I believe play is a tool that can allow women to exist within photographs unapologetically. For more info about this project head to my instagram @delmcquown. 


Artrepreneur / Creativity with Costumes / 2022

Elote Loco Gallery / Don't Joke About That / 2021

Summerfair Emmerging Artists Exhibition / 2019


Congressional Art Exhibition / Ohio's 5th District / 2016

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