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In addition to commercial and commissioned works, I enjoy maintaining my fine art practice.  Since this practice is for me, many of the following series explore themes related to identity and self-actualization, as I investigate my own internal badassery.

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Overcoming the Camera's Disapproval, 2022

NSGP (no shits given phenomenon) 

The following work is about power plays. It expresses my frustration with audience and the role their gaze plays in the path to self-actualization as we make choices in life. Audience has a powerful hold on our behaviors, and this work reminds us to stay true to ourselves.

Additionally, these self-portraits comment on societal pressure and conformity. A satirical tone is emphasized by the use of rich colors, playful patterns, and hokey humor. These visual components aid me in engaging the audience and informing them of the dangerous power they possess over self-representation. Ultimately, this work is about giving the audience a reason to gaze and finding the power within oddity because after all, normal is a myth. True magic comes with authenticity and that is empowerment and self-actualization.



Experimental photography using various mediums such as food coloring, embroidery, embossing, watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, charcoal, and crayon on archival inkjet and copy-paper prints. My intention was to add  expressive energy to each photograph. 


Handmade Spreads

This selection of handmade spreads are extensions of my crossover series. Small-scale journal entries were recreated large by hand as I experimented with various mediums such as foil, fabric, tinsel, wood, and embossing. 

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