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Various projects and opportunities have granted me experience with advertising and marketing in the photo industry. These opportunities range everywhere from food styling to industrial photography. 

Chako Bakery Cafe


(Sept. 2020 - May 2021) Covington, Ky. While working at the bakery I was introduced to head chef, Chako. It didn't take long for us to establish a symbiotic relationship forged from an artistic bond. Her art, unique, hand-made Japanese desserts were balanced by my art, photography. My services as a photographer helped create content for the brand's social media as well as other promotional material. Check out their instagram @chakobakerycafe.  

College Life

While this project doesn't necessarily fit in with commercial work, style choices were heavily inspired by cooking magazine editorials. What started as an exploration of high-class Renaissance still-life paintings evolved into an interpretation of still lives from the college perspective. As a college student struggling to make ends meet, I explore what it means to create luxurious imagery with less-than-luxurious food items. Crackers, pickles and cream cheese become the grandiose hors d'oeuvres that start off our meal of imagery. This work demonstrates the potential of photography and food styling to elevate even the simplest items. In these explorations you'll find crawdads substituted for lobsters, and other takes on my college-life mentality,'Fake It Till' You Make It'. 

Cowan's Auctions

I spent a semester working at Cowan's as a production photographer. I learned to shoot items with various finishes such as metal, glass, and black-ware ceramic to name a few. I photographed items for online sales and highlight catalogs from all four house departments: Decorative Arts, American History, American Indian, and Arms & Armor. The images displayed here are from an American Indian Jewelry online auction I was responsible for styling, lighting, photographing, and processing.

Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems LLC

(Jan 2020 - Mar 2020) Florence, KY.

I spent a semester working as a product photographer for Meritor. Meritor is a leading global supplier of automotive parts from drivetrain to brake systems. During this time I gained knowledge of industrial photography and approaches to styling and shooting metal automotive parts.  

*All images photographed by me. Images edited by various members of Cowan's Auction's photography team, including myself.


I've loved photographing people for as long as I can remember. The following images are a few favorites I pulled from the archives. 

Layouts: Title Magazine and Hannah Ferguson Designs

During my time at UC, I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with fashion and design students on many projects. Below are some of the layouts and images created created as a result.


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