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In addition to photography, I actively pursue mixed-media, drawing, and painting. The following works explore various themes, many of which correlate to themes found in my photography series. 

6 I am Tired Series.JPG

I am Tired, 2019

This work was pulled from a series on body change. It captures a moment of self-doubt and vulnerability. Its large scale forces the viewer to invade the subject’s personal space and enter an intimate conversation about insecurity and self-consciousness—a relatable moment that can be shared between the viewer and the subject.

Fabric samples, charcoal, oil/chalk pastel, gesso on wood panel, 72.5 x 44.5 inches

Inflammation, 2019

This self-portrait explores my personal experience with dermatillomania, a compulsive skin picking disorder. A clear sheet of acetate covers the portrait. It was painted over with white acrylic and then scratched away to express the physicality of this disorder and the toll it can have on the individuals who deal with it. Red is the prominent color used to reference inflammation of the skin after a picking session is over.

Cardboard, thread, acetate, watercolor, acrylic gesso,
40 x 30 inches

1 Inflamation.jpg

Stare Down, 2019

This work depicts a stare down between the subject and the viewer. Once again, large scale is utilized to force the viewer to acknowledge the subject's gaze back. Four panels of BFK Rives combine to create one workspace. The division lines interrupt mid-stare to create a break--a pause. The physicality of this piece references the fragility of identity. Identity is composed of many fragments and similarly pieced together to form individuality. Overtime, this piece is intended self-destruct. The weight of each paper pulls on the next creating a fragile work. With each showing, the paper tears more. Destruction is inevitable.

Colored pencil, 4 sheets BFK Rives (22" x 30"ea.), duct tape, charcoal,
44 x 60 inches

Pivot/ Moments of Acceptance, 2019, 2020

These works conclude my body of work following self-doubt and insecurity for the time being. Art became an outlet through which I was able to find comfortability and confidence in my skin once again. These works mark that pivot point.

(Left) Charcoal, oil pastel, acrylic gesso, plastic bags, wood panel,
48 x 24 inches

(Right) Charcoal, acrylic, cornstarch, stained-glass, wood panel,
48 x 24 inches



Picking Flowers, 2017

This work explores the skin picking disorder, dermatillomania. It utilizes word play to create a fantasy world where skin is comparable to flowers. This early body of work inspired my photographic series, Going to the Garden, 24-7.

Colored Pencil on BFK Rives,
30 x 22 inches


4 Picking Flowers.JPG